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73rd Bomb Wing Reunions

In 1981, John discovered that the 73rd Bomb Wing Association had been hosting annual reunions since 1976. After more than 30 years since his separation from the U.S. Army Air Force, John began searching for his crewmates, making numerous calls across the country to reconnect. John successfully contacted many members of his crew, although some had passed away or could not be found. In fact, Charles Bowlin, the Airplane Commander, had died in a private plane crash in 1947.


In 1982, John and four crew members were reunited at the reunion held in Denver, CO. While in Denver, John and his fellow crewmates were able to get inside the “FIFI”, the only flyable B-29 in existence, now part of the Commemorative Air Force.


John then attended other reunions in 1983 in Lexington, KY, 1984 in Atlanta, GA and 1986 in New Orleans, LA.

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